My Style My Voice!

My Style My Voice!

When it comes to style I think a lot of people tend to go through different phases at different points in their journey. I also believe that fashion can be a learnt attribute there are a lot of people who would disagree with this simply because not that many people would view their sense of style similar to their parents or any one that is close to them. However, I strongly believe that you can actually be heavily influenced from a young age when it comes to your sense of style. I certainly did! I remember how my mother use to buy me a lot of suit jackets and smart clothes as a child. It is the most hilarious thing to look back on ,but I always remember my clothes being way bigger than me. She said that I would one day grow into them and I eventually did! This is of course different for different people but I can certainly recognize the impact she has had on me and my style.

I teamed up with Korlekie for my Pre-Miss Universe GB shoots a few weeks ago which was styled by Fvshiondvting it was an amazing shoot based purely on my sense of style, using clothes from the Korlekie collection we came up with some great looks that I loved!  I found the shoot to be quite a successful one. Knowing the designer Beatrice Newman who is behind the brand also added a very special touch to it. Her brand Korlekie apparently means “Queen of Eagles” And I was truly Queening in the outfits it was a  match made in heaven and I was honestly just blown away by her designs.

Dresses are my favorite items of clothing so it was a must for the shoot and with the addition of my turtle neck and red blazer for my other outfit  I was pretty much smitten and in love it felt so me!.


Our sense of style is an ever changing process that happens on a daily basis sometimes with careful thought and other times with no thought at all. Don’t we all have days when we just can’t be asked and rock up into town with the hope you don’t see anyone because you really don’t feel at all glammed up  or in the mood for making an effort..? And isn’t that the day you bump into everyone you haven’t seen in years? Exactly! So we are never always fixed to one style ,but as unique as we all are we all have things that we feel much more comfortable in  than others. Style is part of the growing up process of finding yourself and what works for you. It’s so important that we all stay true to who we are not just in our outward appearance of what we wear ,but also how it makes us feel on the inside.Our style is a big part of our personal identity,complimenting are unique body types and speaking louder than we can imagine.

What is your style? And ever thought about what inspired your style? I would like to know  get in-touch



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Photos provided by Ales Tomis

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