I have had this post pending for a while now. Body Shop is genuinely one of my favorite brands. I wanted to do a skincare/beauty series to kick off the summer, and it just felt so right to start by reviewing body shop.

I won’t just be reviewing products in this series, but I wanted to share a little on the brands as well. If you are like me and love to experiment with different brands this will be a great series to keep up to date with.

So let’s cut to the chase with this body shop review. Honestly, I don’t know quite where to start because they are simply an amazing brand. I love natural products and it is safe to say that all of their products are made with natural ingredients. The brand is ethical, sustainable, community and environmentally driven. They do all this while providing quality products.

I’m going to keep their product review short and sweet, as that is what personally reflects my skin care, and I think when it comes to skin care it is just about finding what works for you.


My Top 3 body shop products include


Body Shop Shea Butter

I love a good Shea butter. It gives my skin life and naturally, shea butter is very good for the skin.  No matter the weather you will find that shea butter has a very good nourishing effect especially if you have dry skin like me. This butter from the body shop range is a classic and has been around for a while so if you have not yet got your hands on it it’s about time!


Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion

For those of you who have especially oily skin, I would recommend you try the tea tree mattifying lotion. It does not add any extra shine. And even with my skin, I find that it blends perfectly.Top tip with this lotion is that it works as a fab as a primer as well.


Insta glow CC cream

Finally, this CC cream is really brilliant. The SPF is one its major draws and why I really love it. If you don’t like using too much makeup as well this would be a great product that gives off a nice everyday look. I used the dark one and I thought it would be too light for me as it looked a little pale, to begin with, but it was actually a nice smooth finish.


Of course, there are some other really great products from body shop range , but these are my personal favs. Let me know what your favorite products are, it would be great to find out your views on their products as well so keep me posted on your thoughts.

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