My background involves work in Journalism, Communications, Private,  Non-Profit sectors. As well as in,  International Development.

My involvement in the global advocacy scene started in my early teens, where I found media along with politics as powerful vehicles for sharing my ideas, and experiences. Through my election as a Youth MP then an Economics and Finance Chair for Model United Nations. I found my voice. Moving on to  work for the House of Commons ,and the UK Department of Educations.

My work spans into multinational organisations, local grassroots groups, and technology start-ups.

I was listed as a Future of Ghana 30 under 30 in 2019. Recognised as a top leading talent worldwide. I  have delivered talks on platforms such as TEDx, and Women Being International Summit.

As a creative, my entrepreneurship grit motivates me to push boundaries contributing to projects that tell innovative stories, draw from our histories, speak to our human conditioning, but also  entertain, educate, and engage.