I had the greatest pleasure of being one of the partners of the African Fashion Week London 2017 this year a very successful event which had over 10 000 participants as well as amazing fashion exhibitors from across Africa who were present.

The event was a truly colorful and great showcase of African fashion and trend from across the continent with some fusions of British culture in some pieces as well.

You can’t attend an event like this without “slaying” as it is celebration of of fashion so I teamed up with dresslover.com for my slay dress of the day which was a  brightly colored red dress  fit for the occasion.


At first I did have my reservations as I didn’t know whether the dress would be at the standard I wanted for the occasion,but when it arrived I was actually very impressed. For just over 10 dollars I looked a gem  I was very pleased with the dress and it looked amazing on me.

The African Fashion Week London was genuinely an event I was really proud to be part of and great to see the expression of culture and art in such creative ways  through fashion.


For more info on my dress and if want to purchase it visit dresslover.com

Month: August 2017