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Tina Charisma

About Tina

About Tina

Tina Antwi, also known as “Tina Charisma”, is a former Miss Universe Great Britain Finalist, Writer, and an empowering speaker. Tina is also the founder of “Charisma Campaign” an NGO that influences change through creative, wellbeing and sustainable solutions globally. In addition to, her initiatives in the international advocacy space she works professionally in International development consultancy. Tina campaigns, writes, and speaks on issues related to social justice, culture, women empowerment, and diversity. She holds an MA in International Development from University College London (UCL) and a degree in International relations and Sociology. The #GOECOPERIOD remains one of the original charisma campaign projects providing women in less privileged communities with sustainable reusable period pads and wellness products that tackle issues such as period poverty with long-term solutions. Charisma campaign additionally facilitates an active community of changemakers, and an academy providing women with the tools, knowledge, and creative skills to live more sustainable fulfilling lives through interactive workshops and specially curated programmes and events.

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Tina speaks at events in the UK and Internationally as well as organising campaign events of her own. She specialises in hosting, curating and producing events that empower and inspire guests, bringing intellectual and culturally relevant topics at the forefront of discussion. Besides, being the chief curator of Charisma Campaign events and works shops which engages communities around the world to live sustainable empowered lives. She delivers cooperate organisational training events and conferences helping some of the top FTE 100 companies, public and private organisations in building cohesive teams. Developing team building activities as well as the confidence, and wellness habits of staff members. Facilitating workshops and training sessions, producing research and forum resources that present an insight into social and organisational issues that clients engage with.

For more information or if you have an event you want her to speak at, facilitate or produce get in touch via the contact page or directly shoot an email to verostina@hotmail.com

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Charisma Campaign

One in seven girls in the UK have struggled to afford sanitary pads, according to a recent Plan International report. Tina Charisma’s new initiative aims to tackle the issue, and promote more sustainable alternatives like cloth pads. The campaign has resulted in a sanitary cloth line set up to help raise money to help reach and support girls in the UK and in West Africa to gain access to sustainable period products that are reusable and that don’t just address the issues temporarily but help in addressing it long term.This campaign is just one of number of projects being delivered to help make a difference using sustainable solutions.

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